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Personal Injury: All kinds from car accidents to falls

We can help you with cases that arise from being involved in an automobile accident, a railroad accident, airline or other common carrier accident, a construction or other workplace accident, being injured as a result of a dangerous or otherwise unsafe product and/or other injury-causing situation.

Workers' Compensation: Missouri and Illinois

We can help you obtain all of the benefits you may be entitled to in work related injury or disease. Damages may include compensation for medical costs, lost wages and other benefits. Don't assume that an employer or their insurance company cares about your injury or if you receive fair compensation for it. Employers and their insurance company have high-end attorneys who know the workers' compensation system available to them and use it to protect their interests. We will fight for your legal rights and help you recover the damages to which you may be entitled.

Business Law

We can help you with different aspects of your business law needs including the intitial set up, compliance with the rules, statutes, codes, and regulations which govern commercial relationships, and provide a legal framework within which business may be conducted and managed.

Wrongful Death

We help in an area of law that seeks to provide financial compensation to the spouse, children and heirs of a person whose death was caused by the negligent, willful, or wrongful act, neglect, omission, or default of another.

Medical Malpractice

We deal with the negligence committed by a professional health care provider whose performance of duties deviates from a standard of practice of those with similar training and experience, resulting in harm to a patient or patients. These are very serious cases requiring an experienced attorney.

Sports Law: Significantc background in all levels of Sports

Over the years we have been priviledged to represent athletes, coaches and owners in professional sports, college sports and even high school athletes who have needed our help. This would include injuries, eligibility and personal difficulties.

Product Liability

We have pursued companies and manufacturers in the field of consumer safety. From airplanes to automobiles, from baby blankets to household products, from toys to sports equipment, we have represented a wide array of products where the product design was unsafe or it was poorly manufactured. Through the creative application of both law and engineering, we have worked with safety experts throughout the country to prepare and develop cases. The end result have been that many dangerous and failed products are now safer.